Month: March 2014

The Chemical Brothers in Mixmag December 1995

Mixmag | DECEMBER 1995: YEAR OF THE BEATS. Words: Andy Pemberton Originally published in Mixmag December 1995 Chicago. At least that was the view you glimpsed from the hotel window earlier this afternoon. Middle of a five-week tour and now you’re in post gig limbo. It’s something unspeakable in the AM, and you’re too wired […]

The Warehouse Leeds

The legendary, still going strong, Leeds Warehouse.  (19 Somers Street Leeds)  Home of amongst others Vague, Speed Queen and these days Shine The Warehouse: Leeds nightclub memories – Top Stories – Yorkshire Evening Post. Including Steve Luigi reminiscing Luigi recalls a golden age for house music in the late 80s, before it became mainstream. He […]

Kiss 105 Yorkshire – Opening 14 Feb 97

Kiss 105 Yorkshire – Opening 14 Feb 97 by TooLowToZero on SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds. Wow we can remember this.  You wouldn’t be able to quite away with this amateurishness these days. There were some decent shows on this station, but it never really represented the Yorkshire dance scene.   The long shut […]

Mixmag September 2004 Inside The Factories

Mixmag | SEPTEMBER 2004: INSIDE THE PILL FACTORIES. Words: Jasper Van Der Bliek Photos: ANP, PA Photos Originally published in Mixmag September 2004 It’s a typically dull April morning in the Dutch countryside. As the dawn stretches over the flat landscape, a special squad of 2O police officers are whispering quietly into walkie-talkies and nervously […]

More hardcore in Leeds

Original post here E-COMMERCE meant something very different to what it means today. It’s not like we didn’t have good reason. It seemed like Thatcher had been around forever and she didn’t appear to be in a hurry to relinquish her icy, vice-like grip on the throat of the body politic. We were in […]

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