Ned’s Atomic Dustbin Cycling Shirts

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin

Neds Atomic Dustbin official cycling shirts.  Brilliant. We can’t afford one.

We were approached by Mat from Neds a few weeks ago after his wife purchased our Wedding Present jerseys… Would we like to do some designs for the band? Course we would.

As usual, we produced three different designs for the band to have a look at and they couldn’t choose between them. So, we’re letting you decide between The Classic, The Trust and King of the Mountains. Here’s Mat to explain the designs:

The Classic

“The very first Neds shirts established the classic yellow and black colourway. Black shirt, big yellow logo on front was quite probably all we could afford. Rod off East Enders wore one on East Enders, one of Mega City Four (can’t remember who – sorry chaps) wore one on the cover of NME and we piled ’em high and sold ’em for a fiver (six quid in that London ha ha). By 1990 our t-shirts had arrived, even if we hadn’t. Short of making a jersey out of an ex-army kitbag and putting the logo on with a discarded bingo Biro on the steps round the back of JB’s in Dudley, I don’t know how much more ‘owd skyool’ we could get.

Milltag have brought nostalgia bang up to date with a classic, classy jersey that anyone should look good in. Even quite fat people.”

Trust me, I’m a bass player

“Believe it or not kids, there was a time when loud shirts, loud shorts and loud music went together like cycling and suffering.

Ok, so Rat was always basically a Goth without the lipstick, and Dan just wore pants most of the time, but Mat sported lime green and purple knee length shorts with pipe smoking vicars printed all over them, Jonn had a succession of vile shirts made from wallpaper samples in a Brockmoor sweatshop and Alex had a skin tight lycra top in eye-watering colours that looked like it had been beamed down from space. And there were loud record sleeves too. The sleeve of our 1991 single Trust was perhaps the high (or low, depending on how you look at it) point in terms of offensive colour use. It is from this oculus-boggling sleeve that Milltag have drawn their inspiration for this ‘once worn never forgotten’ jersey.

For a jersey that will get you noticed whatever the visibility, look no further.”

King of the Mountains

“Want to climb faster? Then you need the Neds’ King of Bonks jersey. Incorporating Neds’ revolutionary and entirely fictional Climb-Max technology with slimmed down logo, pro-incline ink and full carbon stitching, this is the perfect marriage of form, function and fashion. Exhaustedly tested by our testers on testing Black Country Climbs like Quarry Bonk High Street, St Kenelm’s ‘whose bloody idea was it to enter a hillclimb’ Pass and that bit on Racecourse Lane just after the golf-club. Slip this bad boy on, hit the hills, and from a suitable distance you will literally look like you are going up a road on a bike. In a spotty jersey.

Come on, how could we not do a Neds-Logo KoM jersey? I think KOM is the coolest prize on the tour – in my dreams I am a proper cyclist and that’s the one I want, forget yellow! You are sure to be dubbed King of Bonks by your cycling peers”

Pre-order the jersey of your choice now (deadline Sunday 16th September). On ordering, pick you size and pay, we will then confirm receipt and ask which design you would like.

Note: No extra stock will be produced so the only way to get one of these is to pre-order. Manufacture will be completed after the deadline with delivery expected in late October 2012.

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin Cycling Shirts

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