How Did They Decide What DJ’s Were Popular?

This is something that has been making us think for a while. We’ve discussed it between us, and can’t work it out.

DJs became famous and therefore got booked at bigger and bigger gigs based on the following criteria

  1. They were the promoters mate
  2. They were the promoter
  3. They had a hit single
  4. Their club became popular, maybe down to them, maybe not
  5. They had an amazing agent

On the surface this seems obvious, but apart from the few mega names, why did say DJ Ratty become much bigger than Tango?  Just his mixing ability and tune selection?

We suspect there was an element of herd mentality. Once you made it at one big rave, then the promoters of other raves thought they must book you too. This isn’t being disrespectful to the DJs, we genuinely want to know why some DJs were booked over others. Some never broke out of their local areas and remained local heroes. Others hit the fast track – DJ Billy Daniel Bunter has done this since 2000, before that he was well known for Raindance, but he is now at every rave.

Thoughts welcome

How Did They Decide What DJ’s Were Popular?

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