Year: 2012

Jesus Jones Pop Will Eat Itself And The Wonder Stuff 19th Dec 2012 Shepherds Bush Empire

Jesus Jones Pop Will Eat Itself And The Wonder Stuff 19th Dec 2012 Shepherds Bush Empire We’ve been asked a few times why we feature indie music on this site. Although it’s mainly about house hardcore and techno oldskool you’ll see we have a specific indie tab on the main navigation as well. The reason […]

Respect – Young Hearts Run Free (Lovelands NRGetically Executed Dub) by Dj Paul Taylor Now for your aural pleasure an Angels classic from 1992. Created by Myself, Mark Hadfield and Paul Waterman otherwise known as LOVELAND. Massive and very rare – enjoy. Team Loveland X

VISIONMASTERS feat Kylie – Keep On Pumpin’ It (Angelic Remix) by Dj Paul Taylor Now this is Nostalgic! My first ever studio production alongside breaks master Danny Hybrid and master engineer Tony King featuring none other than Kylie when she was acting in neighbours. The sound was based around an underground event at ANGELS in Burnley Lancashire called VISION and used to attract thousands every Friday in 1991. […]

Carter 1993 Interview

Original Post here Deadline | Feature | October 1993 CARTER USM THE UNSTOPPABLE TEAM deadlinecarter1 “You wouldn’t happen to have any champers, would you?” asks the man in the doorway, his bushy eyebrows jiggling up and down in excited expectation. They look like epileptic caterpillars. Jim Bob and Fruitbat make no attempt to reply. […]

What else was going on in ’88?

Original Post here Melody Maker | Album | 20 August 1988 | Photo: Tom Sheehan THE WONDER STUFF THE EIGHT LEGGED GROOVE MACHINE Polydor albumwonderstuffgroove Somewhere up in the loft of every virtuous home there’s a tea chest brimming with a squashed, half-forgotten magic. Here there are toys, metal, plastic and fluffy, the rags […]

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