There seem to be loads of films about the club scene being made, but they aren’t all actually released

Weekender 2011 – This is definitely coming out from Momentum Films.  It’s not an update of the classic video Flowered Up tune (see part 2 of that here –

Urban Smuggler – the film of Andrew Pritchards book (see  If this has been released please post a link to where you can buy/see it

High on Hope – The film of the Blackburn parties.  Definitely looking forward to this one, again not much been heard about it for a while. These parties were massive, but the press coverage concentrated  on the M25 events, so this should be a real eye opener for some.

The 4 Aces – The film of the club that went on to host Labrynth in Dalston.  Not all the film about the hardcore years, but should be interesting on this classic. venue. Again its been shown at special screenings, but no official date on release

On More  – Don’t know much more on this apart from the impressive trailer  Concentrating on the Super clubs of the mid 1990’s this will make a good change from the usual 1988 business. Facebook group –

OldSchool Renegades – This is one for the lovers of the 1990/1991 Euro Techno sound – Think T99, Outlander, R and S Records etc.  – Coming out in September!!!

All of these films have something in common, that they have a website presence, and normally a Facebook and twitter which are never updated often enough. The audience is there for them, get them released, even if it is straight to DVD!

Plus of course the unlikely to be missed Rave Story

It must be because all the film makers are in their 30’s and 40’s now, and reminiscing. In 20 years time will people be releasing films about David Guetta style house?



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  1. As the director of High On Hope i can add some more info to this article. Yes you are right i am now 40 and 10 year ago when i hit 30 i started making the film – so there is something in that and wanting to make films about subjects that are important to you.
    The reason High On Hope has taken so long to come out (it was finished 2 years ago) is that the costs of the music need paying for. There are 15 tracks in the film and this means around £30k is needed. I made this film with no money just love and lots of like minded friends getting together to produce something they believed in (a bit like the Blackburn parties themselves 20 years ago). In order to get the film out i have launched an appeal to raise the money for the music on please have a look and support us if you can.

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