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Been reading this All Crews . Although strangely written in places, it’s got the flavour of Jungle running through it’s veins. Great interviews with famous Jungle faces, as well as regular punters.
What’s interesting is seeing what has happened since this book was first written in the mid 90’s. There are certainly signs in the book that some of the interviewees are aware that the peak of Jungle had already passed. To blame are the bad boy element that ruined the raves, and the stagnation of the music. It’s interesting to note also that the book is a little down on the hardcore scene that spawned Jungle. It claims Jungle is the more sophisticated music, and that somehow it is more important than hardcore. Maybe to the people in this book, but it’s fair to say that that hardcores impact has been at least as long lasting
Also interesting is how some of the DJ’s don’t seem aware of their impending fall from grace. There is an arrogance with some that they have got to the top, and don’t need to keep up the level of work that got them to the top in the first place. Without naming names there are quite a fee in the book that even by the turn of the millennium wouldn’t have been able to live off their income from playing out any more. It reads like a report on the impending Armaggedon, with Jungle never recovering from it’s late 90’s problems.
Overall a good book, well worth it if you went to Roast, AWOL, Telepathy, World Dance etc or just liked tunes like these below
Well worth a read

Book – All Crews

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