Why we don’t host single MP3’s

A few people have been emailing asking why we don’t host tunes to download, when we do host mixes. We know there are lots of places that do, we are friends with some of those sites. Therefore we don’t feel the need to do more than host the YouTube of a tune. Ideally we’d like you to go out and buy the tune if you like it. We know its not always possibly to buy a tune, especially as some of those we list as they are 20 years old, not on any of the legal download sites etc, which is where some of the forums come in.

Mixes are different, as they are not commercially available. We like to trade in mixes, check out our Wantspage. So if you are wondering, the basic rule is, if it’s available to legally download or on a CD somewhere, you won’t find it to download here.

Hope that clears it up


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