1996 was the peak of the UK house boom. Dance music was all over the charts, “super” clubs established brand names that still live on today, and the three main dance music magazines were at the peak of their circulations. A visit to any local Ritzy type club would prove the point,our music had gone mainstream.
Was this a good thing? To us it appeared to be the beginning of the end in hindsight. Just as had happened to hardcore in 1992 the scene just couldn’t support the audience. Too many people cashed in at the same time and naturally quality control went out the window.
It was fun to be there though
Random 1996 things –


From the superb History is Made at Night Blog




100 police raid Hollywoods club in Romford, Essex.

Local council take out injunction against four members of the Exodus Collective in Luton, forbidding them to hold free parties


200 police in riot gear raid the Coliseum nightclub near Stockton-on-Tees, arresting 35 people


Police raid a party at the A.R.T.L.A.B. in Preston with an Environmental Health Officer who removes equipment under noise pollution regulations [Dream Creation, 1996]

Police set up road blocks to search people going to Lost in Paradise at Fantasy Island, Skegness. 11 arrests.


Mounted police move in at the end of a Leeds Reclaim the Streets party; 12 people arrested

Tribal Gathering festival, Britain’s largest dance event, cancelled after authorities in Oxfordshire refuse it a licence following police objections – despite a successful event last year, months of preparation, and advance ticket sales of 25,000.


The Tunnel and Limelight clubs in New York are raided and closed down, and the owners charged.


10 people arrested at Reclaim the Streets party in Birmingham on.17 August. On the same day there is a five hour RTS party in Bath. The following week, 80 people are arrested as police mobilise to stop a Brighton Reclaim the Streets party.


95 police raid the Living Room club, the Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead. 250 clubbers are evacuated and 18 arrested.

100 police stage a drugs raid on I Spy, a gay night at Leeds club Nato. 19 people arrested. Police clear the club with people being met on the streets by at least 25 vans of police [Mixmag, Nov 1996]


Police raid on Love Muscle gay club at the Fridge, Brixton, London.

Reclaim the Streets Halloween Party in Oxford- over a thousand people dance on the road and on bus shelters with music from Virus Sound System, Desert Storm, Rinky Dink and some bagpipers. Police escort sound systems out of Oxford as they attempt to set up an after party-party. There is also an RTS party in Cambridge.

Reclaim the Streets party in Manchester with free music and free food. No arrests, but one van is impounded


100 police raid Jubilee pub in Camden, north London and arrest 23 people


Adrenalin Village, London fined for opening beyond their 2 am limit [South London Press, 13.12.96]


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