Year: 2010

Helicopter – On Ya Way

Released in 1993, then again in 1994, and also remixed in 1996  by The Lisa Marie Experience, the original is still the best in our view. This was massive all over the country, one of those ones that’s impossible to hum properly without doing an electric guitar noise. Original post here –

Bump – I’m Rushing

Bump – I’m Rushing Martian Mix Not, as some people first thought, “I’m Russian, just a little little bit too fat”. Although that would have been brilliantly trippy, its actually “Just a little but too fast”. Original Post – First our on Good Boy Records in 1992, re-released in 1995 on Deconstruction records 88to98 […]

Black Machine – How Gee Original Sax Mix

Black Machine – How Gee Original Sax Mix Original Post here – Originally released in 1991, this took until the London Records release in 1994 to make it big in the clubs, so I’ve tagged this as 1994. Once the saxophone gets into your head,  you’ll be humming it for days

Remake – Bladerunner

This was one of the stand out tracks on the Greatest Mix Compilation of all time when it had the Til We Meet Again vocal over the top. However on it’s on without the vocal over the top it is a haunting piece of early 1990’s progressive house. Written by Vangelis, it sounds like […]

Arizona – Slide on the Rhythm Vocal Mix

As they say over at this tune never received the airplay it should have. This was on the Union City Recordings label. As featured on the first Ministry of Sounds Sessions mix, from DJ Tony Humphries Original Post here –

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